Me, drawn

That’s me, as I was drawn in week 1 of SFPC by one of the other students. My name is Sarah. I’m a long-time software developer (professionally since 2001) with a background in experimental performance & theater direction. In the technology field I’ve had roles as an SE, SSE, Tech Lead, EM, Co-Founder, Speaker, Adjunct Professor, Advisor, Facilitator, Consultant and Part-time CTO. For simplicity, I call myself a dev. This is my blog.

I have a Masters Degree from ITP, a BA from Macalester College, and a diploma from Stuyvesant HS in NYC. I’m also certified in Ethereum development. I intend to be coding and making things well into my 80’s, and learning is awesome.

When I worked in theater, I created and directed things that more closely resembled performance art than plays. When I build playful projects using software, they share that same experimental spirit. I have also taken many courses in improv & standup at Second City in Chicago, and experimental-play-writing at The Neo-Futurists. All of this as a continued practice of writing, living, having fun and being creatively expressive.

I grew up in Brooklyn and have lived in Chicago since 2006. I’m currently sharing my home with my two cats, Squeaks & Pistachio. My goal is an experimental and joyful life tailored to my interests and energies.